Green web hosting: Make your small business more sustainable

Are you looking for a web hosting solution that is not only fast and reliable but also environmentally friendly? Look no further than our green web hosting.

Web Sustainability Guidelines Report from W3C community

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops standards & guidelines to help everyone build a better web – and they have just released a Web Sustainability Guidelines report.

What makes a website eco-friendly?

Many products and services are now claiming to be sustainable or eco-friendly. What makes a website eco-friendly?

How small businesses can reduce reliance on Big Tech

Reducing reliance on big tech can be beneficial for small businesses in terms of cost savings, data security, and maintaining independence.

What is a sustainable web design agency?

As a small business you might want to use a sustainable web design agency, so how can you tell how eco minded they are?

Sustainability tips for small businesses

We’re all busy running our businesses but there’s still scope to be a bit more eco-friendly. Here are some tips for small business sustainability.

Laptop & Phone Recycling Project

With having a background in IT and a keen interest in reducing waste, I’m going to start experimenting with recycling old laptops and Android phones.

Eco focused copywriting: Hitting the right tone

While writing the copy for our website and our social media posts, I keep bumping up against issues of tone while talking about what we do. Here are some thoughts about keeping things positive.

Clean Creatives: Saying no to fossil fuel companies

Having just decided to turn down a project for an engineering company that specialised in oil and gas related work, finding the ‘Clean Creatives’ movement was perfect timing.

Ecommerce Enlightenment ebook – moving from Amazon to Gumroad

I wrote a book about tackling ecommerce website projects a couple of years ago. Read on to find out why I’ve removed it from Amazon and now use Gumroad.

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