What we’re doing to reduce our impact on the environment

It’s been a gradual process of reducing our resource and power usage, travel mileage and switching to suppliers that take the environment into account instead of maximising profits. Here are some things we’re doing to try and help.


Cooperatives are a better business model than shareholder driven corporations in our opinion, so we’ve switched to using as many as possible.

  • Using Cooperative banking
  • Using the Phone coop for our broadband
  • Supporting local retailers, food producers & zero waste shops
  • Supporting local talent when we collaborate with freelancers


  • Using low power tech in the office, and turning it off when it’s not in use
  • Extending use of tech. We don’t need a new phone every year, or the flashiest models. I’m after a Fairphone next time I upgrade my Android phone.
  • Using EcoTalk for the business mobile
  • Using and offering renewably powered green web hosting – no carbon offsets


  • Public transport – I sold my car and walk or use the train for client meets
  • I hire an electric car when a car is absolutely necessary
  • Having online meetings where possible – it’s great to meet up at least once but things can often be continued virtually once we get going


  • Paperless office – we use electronic docs and signatures
  • We no longer use business cards, letterheads etc
  • Recycling of everything that we can

Sustainable Design

  • Making websites accessible when the client has budget, which includes;
    • Keyboard accessibility, clearly described images, strong contrast, clean code, clear messaging and minimal use of animations amongst other things.
    • WCAG AA rating
  • Making clean, modular sites that can be used for years and the visuals easily updated
  • Aiming to follow the Sustainable Web Manifesto


  • Subscribing to Ecologi, who plant trees on our behalf (referral link, we both get free trees if you sign up)

Keeping an eye on our sustainability is an ongoing process and we’d love to hear any ideas on how we can improve!