SMTP plugins for WordPress – improve your admin email deliverability

If you’re not receiving email notifications from your WordPress website, you might need to set up SMTP email sending.

Email deliverability update – Feb 2024

Email is a complicated system, with millions of spam messages sent every day. Upcoming changes will potentially make getting to people’s inboxes more tricky for small businesses and we discuss options in this article.

Xmas opening hours

Find out more about our opening hours and hosting support over the break

Circular economy example: Rapanui & Teemill

Our current economy works against the environment by using finite materials to create pollution and waste in the name of profits. There are better ways however, one of which is the idea of a ‘circular economy’ for some or all of our consumption.

Server maintenance – Thurs 16th November

Our hosting provider is updating their servers in the early hours of Thursday the 16th of November, between 3-6am.

Green web hosting: Make your small business more sustainable

Are you looking for a web hosting solution that is not only fast and reliable but also environmentally friendly? Look no further than our green web hosting.

Get online fast with our “WordPress Website in a Week”

It’s been a challenging year for many small businesses and an effective website can attract more customers or clients. The quicker you’re online, the quicker people can find you.

Web Sustainability Guidelines Report from W3C community

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops standards & guidelines to help everyone build a better web – and they have just released a Web Sustainability Guidelines report.

What makes a website eco-friendly?

Many products and services are now claiming to be sustainable or eco-friendly. What makes a website eco-friendly?

Why small businesses still need a website – lessons from Facebook, Twitter & Reddit

The recent drama around Twitter and Reddit show why small businesses need their own website to avoid costly disruptions.

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