The Green Claims Code and ‘greenwashing’

The Green Claims Code from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is a clear set of rules to ensure that any marketing activity is truthful and not just ‘greenwash’ – benefitting ethical businesses and consumers alike.

Green hosting: Making a gym website 10x faster

Better specified, green web hosting along with caching and some tweaks made this gym website much faster to load.

Easy ethical switches for your business

Here are some easy switches I’ve made to help Intention be more ethical.

Using ‘UTM tags’ to see where your website traffic is coming from

Which internet marketing methods work for your business? Adding special tags to links that we post or include in emails can help us narrow this down.

What is ethical web design?

What do we mean when we talk about ethical web design? For me it breaks down into what we do, who we do it for and how we do it. Ethics have a role to play in all these decisions – read on to find out more.

Simple guide to Domain Name System (DNS) settings

Getting domains, email and websites running can be complex – here are some of the most common scenarios our clients use.

What is your website purpose?

Websites need a reason to exist and in this article we’ll talk about what that might be. “Just because” can easily lead to unfocused websites that don’t pay their way.

How to get a list of website pages & metadata

Find out how to extract a list of website pages, the page addresses (URLs) and the meta titles and descriptions.

Ecologi – helping a climate positive workforce

I’ve signed up to a monthly plan with Ecologi to help Intention become a climate positive business.

Plausible: Privacy focused, ethical alternative to Google Analytics

I’ve recently switched all my sites away from Google Analytics to Plausible – a privacy focused, ethical alternative.