Here are some notes on who we work with and how we do it. Ethics are obviously a minefield, but we have some guidelines on how we can do our best work for people doing positive things.


  • Only taking on work for people doing positive things that we are excited to work on. Half hearted work doesn’t benefit anyone – us, you or your clients/customers.
  • Declining any work that has a purposefully negative impact on environmental or social factors.
  • We’ll tell you if we think we’re not a good fit, or if a full website design and build isn’t the right option for you right now. Sometimes a single page site or a DIY site might be better!

Suppliers & Technology

  • We pay people on time, and pay deposits before work starts.
  • Using and recommending alternatives to big tech – Google, FB/Insta etc. Big companies aim to monopolise, don’t respect privacy and behave in other unethical ways and often dodge their taxes (more to come on this in our blog..)
    • Plausible analytics instead of Google Analytics
    • SEOPress instead of the default, aggressively marketed SEO plugin
  • Supporting quality software and design resources by buying licences – not pirating their work or bending the rules.
  • Using independent design and code software instead of the bloated and expensive corporate defaults.


  • We’re registered with the ICO for GDPR reasons, and have talked to them about what GDPR means for our business.
  • We don’t use privacy invading technologies like Google Analytics, FB pixels or anything of the sort.
  • We don’t work on projects for anyone who doesn’t take privacy seriously.
  • You won’t end up on any ‘newsletters’ when working with us, or after enquiring via our website.


  • Working in a calm, organised way to offer maximum value.
  • We won’t accept poorly scoped, last minute projects or expect anyone to work in that way.
  • Stress is damaging to physical and mental health, so we aim to reduce it for everyone where we can.